3 Common Plumbing Problems, and How to Prevent Them in Mountain Brook & Vestavia Hills, AL

Mountain BrookPeople here in North Central Alabama have a wide range of opinions as to what constitutes “a good day.”  Anything from breaking 80 in a round of golf to watching your favorite college football team carry the day to hooking up a brand new High Def TV – and lots of other things besides.

But let’s narrow the field considerably, and talk about people with older homes. For many of them, one of the top 5 entries on their “It’s a Good Day” list is when nothing goes wrong with their plumbing.

Why?  Because all too often, things can and do go wrong, especially since no plumbing fixture of system was built to last forever in the first place.  The good news is that lots of these problems can be avoided with the combination of a little detective work, preventative maintenance, or sometimes just replacing an older faucet or toilet before you absolutely have no other choice.

Here are 3 of life’s more common and bedeviling plumbing problems, and what you can do to head them off at the pass – any pass!

Drips and Leaks

Drips and leaks usually indicate an older or prematurely defective faucet, or a washer that’s seen better days.  Since replacing a washer is the simplest and most economical solution, start your investigating there.  By replacing it you’ll also be tightening the fittings and then everything should be fine after that.  At the same time, not every washer works with every type of faucet, so be sure you’re purchasing one made for your make and model of faucet.  There are two really good ways to prevent faucet leaks:  be gentle when shutting off the faucet (as over-tightening cause it to fail prematurely) and proactively replacing them every couple of years.


Blocked toilets and clogged drains happen all the time.  More often than not, there’s a very (or fairly) quick home remedy for the problem.  But sooner or later, don’t you get tired of what canMountain Brook 2 be a rather annoying and, dare we say it, unpleasant home remedy?  Of course you do!  That’s why you want to be very careful what you do – and just as careful with what you don’t – put down your drains and toilets.  Grease, for example, should never be poured into a sink or garbage disposal.  But if you do anyway, let cold water run for at least a minute to help flush all the way through your system; otherwise, it’s bound to cling to the interior wall of your drain pipe and eventually cause a very stubborn clog.  As for your toilet, don’t use it as an ash tray or extra trash bin – and definitely don’t use it as diaper pail – and you should be okay.

Water Pressure

Water pressure can be too low, too high, or just right.  If you’re experiencing either of the first two possibilities, try a little troubleshooting before you call a plumber as the solution can be as simple as replacing an aerator or fully opening a valve.  There can be more serious causes too, such a pipe leak, built-up sediment inside your pipes, and more.  If you’re experiencing unusually high water pressure, the smart preventative maintenance step is to have a pressure regulator valve installed to reduce water pressure as it enters your home.  That can help give you added years of service from your many plumbing fixtures and systems.

What do all 3 of these potentially thorny plumbing problems have in common?  Eagle Service Company can fix them all, and help give you a lot more good days to look forward to:  or, at the very least, days without serious plumbing problems.  Contact us today or any time for service.