4 Common AC Repair Symptoms

If you could see the inner workings of your AC system – the outside condensing unit, indoor air handler, and all your ductwork, you might just think “oh my, so many things that could go wrong.” And you know what? You’d be exactly right.

That’s why, for example, we place so much emphasis on annual preventative maintenance – but we’ll get more into that in a future blog. For now, we want to focus on what happens if your AC system needs to be repaired anyway, even with the best of preventive care. After all, its expected lifespan is no greater than 20 years, so if you own it long enough, soon enough it’s going to need to be repaired and, eventually, replaced.

blogIn fact, either could be true right now if you’re witnessing any of these telltale symptoms:

  • Skyrocketing Electricity Bills – If you were paying an average of $150 per month last summer for electricity and double that or more this summer, chances are your AC system is the culprit. It could be something as simple as a dirty or clogged filter, or something a little more ominous like a frozen coil. Either way, you should get it checked out and stop wasting so much extra money on electricity.
  • Hot and Cold Spots throughout Your House – Very often this indicates a minor repair issue, such as a cracked or leaking duct, a problem with one of your thermostats, or a blocked register or vent. Still, the older a system becomes, the harder time it has distributing cool air evenly.
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night (or Day) – Several things can cause an AC to make a racket, starting with a fan blades that are coming in contact with their protective guard or undersized ducts that are popping under the strain of too much pressure. Whatever it is, it’s not going to fix itself.
  • No Cool Air at All – Hang on a sec, as this might not be the death knellyou’re your system that it first appears to be. Instead, maybe you have a broken thermostat, a tripped circuit breaker, or a power plug that accidentally got disconnected. All three such possibilities are the logical starting point to unravel this indoor (dis)comfort mystery.

If any of the above sounds even remotely familiar, we invite you to contact Eagle Services Company today for fast response, accurate problem diagnosis, and the appropriate repair or service action with a guaranteed price for our proposed service presented before we start the job. All for your increased comfort and peace of mind.