5 Benefits of a Water Heater Performance & Safety Inspection

Whoever things of having their water heater inspected? Sad to say, very few people.

And yet when you realize that the “worst” can happen from either a gas explosion or a carbon monoxide leak, things take on a whole different perspective.

So there you have it, reason #1 to schedule an annual water heater inspection: added safety for your home and family. Here are four additional benefits we think you’ll appreciate, as well:

  • Technician servicing an hot-water heater

    Fewer repairs. Over time, even modest amounts of calcium and magnesium in your home water supply can cause internal corrosion of your water heater storage tank. We’ll keep an eye on that for you and periodically drain the tank to get rid of any built-up sediment.

  • Longer system lifespan. It stands to reason that the better your water heater is maintained, the longer it’s going to last. And for you, that means a lower net cost of ownership.
  • Lower utility bills. After your heating and cooling system, nothing in your home uses more energy than your water heater. Through annual preventative maintenance, we can maintain the highest possible levels of operating efficiency which, in turn, translates into lower utility costs.
  • The hot water you need, when you need. A well-maintained water heater is also one capable of meeting your family’s daily demands for hot water. By contrast, a neglected water heater will taking longer and longer to refill while producing progressively lower amounts of hot water at any one time.

There you have them: 5 logical and compelling reasons to have your water heater professionally inspected no less than once a year. And the people ready and more than capable of doing the job to your complete satisfaction? Eagle Service Company of Birmingham. Call us today to schedule service. It’s that important.