A Back-up Sump Pump Can Help Keep Your Basement Dry.

blogSpring being the rainy season makes winter the perfect time to prepare your home to withstand all that extra moisture.

If you live in a home or neighborhood prone to basement flooding and already have a sump pump, good start.  But that may not be enough to protect your home from encroaching water.

Your sump pump, after all, is a mechanical object and won’t last forever. Next, what happens if you lose power during a rain storm?  Your sump pump becomes disabled until power is restored.

Now there’s a simple way to guard against a failed sump pump or one without electrical power:  add a back-up sump pump that doesn’t depend on electrical power to operate.

Here at Eagle Service Company, we install, maintain, and repair two different kinds:  battery-powered and water-powered.  While they both have their advantages, we recommend water-powered.

Water-Powered vs. Battery-Powered Back-up Sump Pumps.

No matter how heavy the rainfall or how bad the overall storm conditions, a water-powered sump pump is a solid defense against flood damage in your home.  The best available units can remove up to 1,324 gallons of water per hour and are the only pumps that are compatible with ¾” municipal water supply pipes.

A water-powered sump pump requires no battery, no power, and has no moving parts. All it needs is water from your well or city water supply.  With that, a water-powered sump pump can operate indefinitely.  Battery-powered sump pumps, by comparison, eventually will require a battery charge, thus potentially limiting their effectiveness.

Remember, it’s never the wrong time to fortify your basement defenses against an excess of rain water.  That’s why we invite you to contact Eagle Service Company today to learn more about your sump pump options and now best to keep your basement dry and damage free.