Think You’re Cool Now?  Just Wait Until We Get Through With You!

Some people define cool.  You can’t always define it.  But you can always tell.

For most of us, feeling cool will suffice.  All summer long.  Inside our own homes.  No matter how nasty things are outside.

So if feeling cool and comfortable is on your mind, you’ve definitely come to the right place:  Eagle Service Company.

AC System Preventative Birmingham | AC Tune-up Birmingham

Certain things need little or no attention.  Take a toaster, for example.  Chances are you’ll get sick of it long before it stops warming up your bread.  Shake the crumbs out every once in a while, and it’s good to go.

And then there’s your air conditioning system.  Built to last roughly 10-15 years, it needs regular attention to perform at its best and help get you through a typical Birmingham area summer relatively unaffected by the outdoor temperatures and humidity.

That’s why your system’s manufacturer and Eagle Service Company recommend annual system maintenance.  More than anything, it allows us to spot small problems in the making that will only get worse with time.  Same goes for the kind of health and safety risks that can stem from a faulty electrical connection, clogged filter, or no filter at all.

At Eagle, we perform a multi-step AC tune-up and inspection.  Here’s just some of what it covers:

  • Inspect condenser wiring
  • Check contactor wiring and points
  • Check fan motor bearings and oil as needed
  • Wash and inspect outdoor coil
  • Inspect indoor coil and drain pan
  • Check metering devise
  • Clean blower compartment
  • Inspect air handler wiring and circuitry
  • Check thermostat operation

When all is said and done, you can look forward to:

  • Fewer and lower cost of repairs
  • Extended system lifespan
  • Lower energy costs
  • Added safety for your home and family
  • Cleaner indoor air.

When it comes to your family’s ongoing indoor comfort, our AC tune-up and inspection is easily the most valuable service we offer.  If yours hasn’t been checked in more than a year, you really should call us now. We provide our service all over the Greater Birmingham area.

AC Repair | Home AC Services

Great news.  Dinner’s going to be ready on time.  The kids are freshly groomed and bathed.  Your hair appointment yielded exactly the right result.  And, just as the front doorbell rings…your air conditioning system says “Enjoy your dinner party without me!”

If you could kick it, and thought it would do any good….well, let’s not even go there.  Instead, go straight to the phone or the Request Service form on our web site and contact Eagle Service Company for fast service, and a job done right the first time.

We repair all makes and models of:

  • Central air systems
  • Ductless air systems
  • Heat pumps

You can even count on us for 24/7 emergency repairs.

Dinner party or lazy day watching TV, no time is a good time to be without your air conditioning.  With Eagle Service Company as your home comfort provider, you won’t have to for very long.