Common Cold Weather Mistakes

Whether you’re a winter enthusiast or use this time of year to count the days until summer, you still probably take some measure of comfort from snuggling up with a fluffy blanket by the fire (or not) and letting the stress of your day melt away.

Kind of easy to get lost in that thought, let alone the actual experience, right? Great, but don’t get so lost that you forget to take all the proper precautions to better protect your home and family.

As such, here are six common winter time mistakes well-worth avoiding:

Not Preventing Icicles

While they may be pretty to look at, icicles hanging from your gutters probably indicate the formation of an ice dam – a buildup of ice on your roof or gutter that prevents rain, melting snow, and ice from flowing through your gutters and tout through the downspouts. If left unattended, they could lead to costly roof repairs and water damage inside your home. Start by checking that your attic is properly insulated. If it isn’t and you can’t re-insulate right now, add heated gutter cables to the areas that are prone to ice damns as a temporarily fix.

Not Winter-Proofing Your Plumbing

It’s amazing what damage just a little frozen water can do. If you want to prevent finding out the hard way, be sure to winter-proof your plumbing. Insulate exposed water pipes in unheated areas of your home, like the garage and basement. Also, shut off the water supply to outdoor spigots, drain the hoses, and add a faucet protector to help keep cold air from getting in.

Allowing Cold Air to Sneak In

A cracked window sill here, a loose outlet cover there – all the little cracks and gaps in your home can add up to cold nights and sky-high heating bills. Walk through every room of your home and take note of where warm air is escaping and cold air coming in to fill the void, and then seal them off.  This little fix will also serve you well in the summer.

Not Having Your Heating System Inspected and Tuned Up

Annual heating system preventative maintenance not only helps keep your system in top working order, it enables us to detect small problems before they become bigger and costlier repairs.

Skipping the Fireplace Inspection

For all the good your fireplace does, a dirty chimney can put your home and family in danger. Be sure to have your fireplace inspected and cleaned once a year, preferably before its first use of the season.

Need help in not letting winter get the better of you or your home?  If so, contact Eagle Service Company today for help with winterizing your plumbing, heating system preventative maintenance, or any other home plumbing or heating need.