Common Winter Home Problems

Homeowner responsibilities are great any time of year. But most would agree that winter can present some especially hard and unique challenges – from keeping your family warm and comfortable to making sure your walkways are free of ice and snow for friends, neighbors, and passersby.

In addition to everyday home maintenance, there are several bigger issues that could quickly turn into costly emergencies if ignored. Here are 6 of the most common among them:

  1. Pests – Keep doors securely closed at all times and seal any cracks or gaps around doors, windows, and your foundation to prevent rodents from settling in for the winter.
  2. Frozen pipes – Insulate your pipes to prevent them freezing, and make sure outdoor spigots are drained and the connecting valve is shut off for the season.
  3. Loose or missing shingles – Snow and ice can do a number on your roof. So, routinely inspect your roof for damage and repair it as necessary to prevent further damage.
  4. Rain gutters – Keeping your gutters and downspouts clear of debris is important. But so is keeping them free of heavy snow and ice, as the added weight can cause gutters to loosen and collapse.
  5. Frozen sump pump – If your sump pump is equipped with an extension hose, remove it if the temperature dips below freezing to prevent freezing and resulting damage to your pump.
  6. Failing heating system – Avoid a furnace breakdown by having your home heating system inspected annually by a qualified technician. If your furnace is on its last legs, consider replacing it with a new, energy efficient unit before you’re forced to make that decision.

So, when was the last time your home heating system was thoroughly cleaned and inspected?  Or your plumbing, for that matter. If it’s been a year or longer, contact Eagle Service Company today for professional and thorough heating and plumbing system inspections. Because a little preventative maintenance today can prevent a costly repair tomorrow.