How to Buy a New Water Heater

“I’d like the white one, please!”

If only it were that simple to buy a new or replacement water heater. If anything, the process has become more challenging ever since new federal energy conservation measures took effect in 2015.

On the flip side, you have more options than ever. And that means more ways to enjoy all the hot water your family needs while cutting your utility costs.

At Eagle Service Company, we’ll start by explaining water heater options that weren’t included even just a few years ago. Gas water heaters of 55 gallons or greater capacity, for example, have been replaced by gas condensing water heaters. Conventional electric water heaters in that same size category also have ceased to exist. But what took its place is much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly:  electric hybrid heat pump water heaters.

Conversely, let’s say you have a smallish home or live in a condo with a 40-gallon water heater and you’re looking for a replacement unit, gas or electric. Well, if your current water heater fits the space it’s in with no room to spare, we have a challenge on our hands. Newer water heaters are bigger to accommodate the added insulation required for them to meet stricter energy efficiency standards.

And then there are tankless water heaters. That’s right – no storage tank but, with the right size system, all the hot water you need. Plus, they can be installed almost anywhere, including inside a closet.

All of which suggests that you would do well to partner up with Eagle Service Company before venturing too far into “new water heater land”. We’ll help you determine just how much hot water your family relies on every day, and go from there. Ultimately, we’ll recommend what we consider best for you home, family, and budget. Because at Eagle, nothing else matters.