How to Choose a New Water Heater in Vestavia Hills & Hoover

Young woman in the bathroom.There are too many factors in choosing a new water heater to cover all them, succinctly, in one blog.

So for today, we’ll take a macro look at the subject, and shed some insight on the three main choice available to you: electric storage tank, gas storage tank, and gas tankless water heaters.

Electric Storage Tank Water Heaters – For some people, this is pretty much the only choice, especially if you don’t have a gas connection to your home or live in an area without a gas main on your street. But for now, let’s assume you do have a choice, including a gas water heater connected to a propane tank. Electric water heaters typically have a lower cost of installation when compared to gas. Their purchase price is generally lower, too. Electric water heaters also require less space than gas models, as gas water heaters need 6 – 18” of ventilation around sides and the top. Plus, electric water heaters enable you to install a timer on the tank that cuts off the power at pre-determined times, and that’s a real energy saver.

Gas Storage Tank Water Heaters – Far and away, natural gas is the preferred choice over propane, and not just because the heating costs are lower. Gas water heaters cost less to operate than electric models, and also helps reduce our dependency on foreign sources of oil as oil is used to generate electricity. Gas also heats water twice as fast as electricity, and it’s abundantly available, with 85% of all natural gas consumed in our country produced right here.

Gas Tankless Water Heaters – And now for something completely different, and perhaps completely unfamiliar to you. Tankless water heaters, just as the name suggests, use a wall-mounted heat exchanger to heat the water, not a storage tank. Right away, that frees up valuable storage space. Even better, it helps reduce your energy costs since there’s no storage tank to keep heated all day long. Tankless water heaters also have a longer lifespan than storage tank models: up to 20 years and more. Best of all, and with the right size system, a tankless water heater can provide you with all the hot water you need, even during periods of peak demand.

We hope we’ve answered at least a few of your questions on which type of water heater might be best for you. To learn more, or a schedule a free in-home proposal and new system quote, contact the home plumbing professionals at Eagle Service Company today.