How to Cool Your Home for Less in Birmingham and Homewood, AL

howSometimes it’s a question of affordability, other times a matter of sheer common sense.

The subject?  Your monthly electricity bill.  And there’s no time of the year when it’s higher than during the air conditioning season.

If you have painful memories of how much you paid during the 2013 cooling season and you still have the same AC system, then common sense tells you your bills will be as high or higher unless you take certain steps toward a happier end result.

Observe the following energy saving tips, and you will definitely see a reduction in energy usage (assuming you’re not making up for it elsewhere):

  • Block the sun.  During the day, keep windows covered that are receiving direct sunlight to keep inside temperatures cooler, thus requiring less conditioned air to achieve your desired comfort level.
  • Keep vents and ducts unobstructed.  It’s all too easy to block floor vents, for example, with various items of clothing if you’re not watching where you toss them.
  • Check your attic.  If your attic feels even a little cool then there’s a good chance conditioned air is escaping through a crack or some other type of leak.  Grab a flashlight and see if you can find the source, or contact an HVAC professional to conduct a thorough investigation.
  • Keep shrubs away from your outside condensing unit.  If shrubs or trees g are encroaching on your outside condensing unit, then the heat can’t escape as efficiently as it should, thus making the unit work that much harder to cool your home. Keep that area well pruned, and don’t plant anything too close to the unit in the first place.
  • Save the heavy cleaning ‘til after the sun sets.  Heavy cleaning and other activities generate heat, especially when you’re using a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, and other appliances.  So during the summer, save all or some of those chores for later on the day when your house is naturally cooler.
  • Install one or more ceiling fans.  One ceiling fan can make a room feel 3 degrees cooler, thus minimizing the amount of conditioned air you need.  And it takes a lot less electricity to run a ceiling fan than it does your central AC system.

For even bigger savings, contact Eagle Service Company for our annual AC cleaning and inspection service.  A well-maintained system will run more efficiently and consume less energy.  Plus, during our inspection, we can spot and take care of little things that could eventually lead to costly repairs:  the kind that can be easily avoided.