How to Make the Best Use of Your Living Space.

Ever wonder how those homes featured in designer magazines or home reality TV shows always look so flawless, while your living room looks like a hodge-podge of furniture and “stuff”?

Well, making the necessary adjustments to improve the look and feel of virtually any room in your room is usually a lot simpler than you might think.  Better yet, you won’t need an interior decorator to get you from point A to B.

Here are 6 tried and true ways to achieve amazing results, and that’s true whether you’re starting with an empty space and an already fully furnished room.

  1. blogPull your furniture away from the wall. Even a small room can benefit from a little extra breathing room. You’ll be surprised how spacious yet inviting your room will actually look.
  1. Add secondary lighting. Don’t rely just on overhead lighting to deliver the ambiance you desire. Floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces are perfect ways to create a soft glow and defining sitting areas.
  1. Avoid blocking the flow of traffic. You and your guests shouldn’t have to maneuver around furniture just to get into or out of a room. Make sure your furniture placement enhances rather than impedes flow.
  1. Remember that less is more. Too many furniture pieces – no matter how beautiful and stylish – can make a room feel like it’s closing in on you. Which is to say you probably don’t need the 12-piece living room set you recently saw advertised on TV, no matter how favorably priced it might have been.
  1. Group together items of similar style and scale. A large, bulky piece placed next to a short, slender one will look off-balance and thrown together. Consider size and scale when purchasing or arranging furnishings.
  1. Think about how you intend to use a room. Is it formal and rarely occupied or is it the favored gathering place for friends and family? If the latter, perhaps those sleek, stainless steel arm chairs you’ve been considering aren’t really the way to go.

What can we do to help?  Well, interior decorators we are not, but we are indoor comfort experts. In fact, we get calls all the time from folks looking for ways to more efficiently heat and cool homes whether or not they’re actively involved in a home remodeling project.  Perhaps a baseboard unit can be re-located so your sofa won’t block a large percentage of the heat.  Maybe you need a ceiling or floor vent moved – or one or two new ones added – to enhance indoor comfort.  Or, how about adding a wet bar to your family or dining room to make entertaining more fun and with fewer back and forth trips to the kitchen.

For more information on how we can improve your family’s indoor comfort while adding greater convenience into your everyday lives, contact Eagle Service Company today.