How to Prevent a Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain in Birmingham and Mountain Brook

blogThis is the type of blog that might be better posted around Thanksgiving, but what the heck; the holiday is only a month away so we thought we’d give you a little extra time to prepare.

What’s so special about Thanksgiving? Well, it definitely depends on your perspective, but for we plumbing types, the day AFTER Thanksgiving is the busiest drain cleaning day of the year. It’s our very own version of Black Friday, but we promise, we don’t spend our Friday out shopping for the hottest deals around.

Nope, we’re busy unclogging sink, tub, and bathroom drains alike. But clogged kitchen sinks and garbage disposals definitely top that list.

So from our house to yours, and a whole month and more in advance, here are some tried and true ways to keep the water flowing down your drains on Thanksgiving and, for that matter, all year round:

  • Don’t pour any kind of grease down your drain or garbage disposal. Instead, pour it into an old coffee can or some other container you can throw out with the trash.
  • If someone accidentally pours grease down the drain anyway, flush it with cold water for about 5 minutes. Cold water helps prevent grease from congealing and adhering to the internal walls of your drain pipes.
  • Keep all fibrous foods out of your drain and garbage disposal, including celery, lettuce, and anything else not easily ground up.
  • The same goes for turkey bones, or any other kind of bones, for that matter. Your garbage disposal wasn’t built to handle them.
  • Surprise, surprise: coffee grounds can also accumulate in and clog up your drains. So dispose of them in the trash, too. Or serve everyone coffee in a K-cup so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • As for everything else, grind it up in small quantities. Garbage disposals can’t get jammed up and stop working when overloaded.

Still, when all else fails, you can always count on the plumbing and drain professionals at Eagle Service Company. And yes, even on Black Friday. Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone!