How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Birmingham or Hoover, AL Home

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Whether it’s a slow, silent leak that goes unnoticed for months, or a gush of water from a frozen and burst pipe, the damage to your home and valuables caused by water can be devastating. And while the mess can be cleaned up, and the property loss can be covered by homeowners insurance, the ordeal can be physically and emotionally exhausting.

Water damage is the leading cause of all homeowners insurance claims, totaling billions of dollars a year and resulting in higher insurance premiums. The good news is that more often than not, water leaks can be prevented and the devastation minimized. For example:

  • The average household wastes 14% of its water through leaks. Fixing even the smallest leak right away not only conserves water, but prevents possible structural damage and mold growth.

  • Prevent frozen pipes by insulating those that are exposed to sub-freezing temperatures.

  • Consider installing a whole-house leak detection system in your home.

A whole-house water leak detection system uses sensors to detect even small amounts of water in your home – as little as a few ounces – and then quickly shuts off your home’s main water supply valve. And, because plumbing emergencies often strike when we least expect them, a leak detector can save you from coming home to an unwanted indoor pool.

Available in models to suit different needs and budgets, some can be linked to your home monitoring system and are even equipped with temperature sensors should your area succumb to an unexpected cold spell while you’re out of town. The system would turn off your home’s water supply to prevent pipes from freezing and eventually bursting

To learn more about a whole-house water leak detection system, and exactly how it works, contact the plumbing professionals at Eagle Service Company today. We can help make water damage a thing of the past.