How Tree and Shrub Roots Can Clog a Sewer Line

You may not be so fond of what flows through your sewer pipes, but to tree and shrub roots, it’s mother’s milk.

That’s right:  human waste is chock full of life-enriching nutrients that roots not only thrive on, but seek out.  In fact, they naturally grow towards your underground drain lines sensing the presence of what could be their next meal.  Unfortunately, drain pipes will eventually invite the roots inside for an unending banquet – that’s because pipes crack and spring leaks over time, and it doesn’t take much of an opening for the first group of roots to take up residence.

Later, as the roots multiply, the cracks correspondingly widen.  That eventually leads not just to slow moving drains, but a dead stop.  One that only drain repair or replacement can fix.

What’s a home owner to do?  For starters, avoid planting trees and shrubs near underground pipes.  If a sewer line breaks beyond repair, have it replaced with PVC plastic piping – the kind that does a better job of barring root invasion.

As you gaze outdoors at your property, do you see trees and shrubbery everywhere, but have no idea where your sewer pipes are buried?  If so, this is a great time to contact Eagle Service Company so we can inspect your drain lines for root invasion and other problems in the making.  At the same time, we’ll give you a guaranteed upfront price quote to treat your underground pipes with an organic root killing substance that won’t harm your trees and shrubs even a little.

One such treatment a year – along with being careful where you plant new greenery – should be all it takes to prevent a major disruption to your home drainage system.  Contact Eagle Service Company today to schedule service.