Leaking Toilet Tank in Homewood and Trussville

plumerThis is the tale of a family with multiple toilets. To all outward appearances, they all worked just fine. But family members knew better.

Well, they knew SOMETHING was wrong with one of them, they just weren’t sure that it was.

So they decided to simply “deal with it,” hoping that whatever was going on would stop on its own sooner or later. Except that never happened, since toilets have a funny way of not being able to fix themselves, no matter how much time you might give them.

So what exactly did family members notice that told them that all was not well with the toilet in the master bath? Late one night, as Mr. & Mrs. “Jones” were dozing off to sleep they heard the toile in their master bathroom make the sound a toilet makes when the tank supplies enough water to refill the bowl. Which, they thought, was pretty weird, given that no one had recently used the toilet. Before they fell asleep, they heard the sound several more times.

The next night, they observed the same odd behavior, and every night after that for about another year before they decided to call us and ask for our opinion on the matter.

You know what we told them? “Mrs. ‘Jones’, you have a leak in your toilet tank.” “But how can you possibly know that without even looking at it?”, she replied.

Cutting to the chase, it’s a very easy problem to diagnose. Toilets don’t just start re-filling themselves for no reason. They do so, in this instance, when the leak in the tank causes a slow but steady drain that continues until the tank senses it needs to refill itself. And yes, it will continue that cycle indefinitely until you address the problem.

The alternative, as we stated earlier, is to just ignore it – after all, nothing is really broken, right, and the toilet still works? Well, yes and no, because left unattended long enough, the crack can and will become bigger, and could even spill its contents all over your bathroom floor. But do you really want that to happen?

We didn’t think so.

So if you have a toilet that’s making uncharacteristic noises or, on the other hand, making common noises but at odd times, give us a call. If we can repair the problem, we most certainly will, and always with a guaranteed upfront price. If, on the other hand, your toilet needs to be replaced, we have plenty of models and styles to choose from. Or, we’ll be happy to install one you purchase on your own.


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