Not Enough Hot Water in Birmingham & Vestavia Hills, AL?

eagleIs your home like opening night for the latest blockbuster movie?  Except instead of long lines to buy tickets, you have people lining up in and near the bathroom to take a shower before heading off in their separate directions?

If so, and you’re at or near the back of the line, chances are there’s a rude awakening in store for you, otherwise known as a cold shower.

Well, let’s step away from that unpleasantness and ponder how this latest family development came to be.  Actually, any number of factors could be at play here, but here’s one that’s playing out in more and more Birmingham area households with increasing frequency.

Once upon a time, little Sara, Jake, and Madison took baths, not showers.  Not only that, they took their baths at night with no competition for the bathroom, and no added time needed to apply make-up, curl hair, or shave.

That was then, this is now.  “Take our showers at night?  Get real, Mom!”  “Hey Dad, why don’t YOU try shaving an hour earlier!”

Yep, little Sara, Jake, and Madison are all grown up now, and life as you once knew it is a thing of the past, however sweet the memories might be.  With that said, it’s time to figure out what to do about this hot water situation.  Specifically, the “lack of hot water” situation that confronts you and the rest of your family way more often than not.

Here are three distinct possibilities:

  • Hot water heater maintenance.  If your water heater hasn’t been serviced in quite some time, it could have a large build-up of sediment inside the storage tank, one that has significantly reduced its hot water capacity.  The solution could be as simple as draining and re-filling the tank.
  • Larger storage tank.  If you have a 30-gallon water heater tank with a 50-gallon early morning demand, you can have your storage tank replaced to obtain the extra capacity you need without having to replace the whole system.
  • Tankless water heater.  Or, let’s say the old water heater has had it and no amount of staggering or restricting the length of showers is going to solve the problem.  That leaves you with two primary replacement options:  another storage tank water heater or a tankless model.  Long story short, a tankless water heater system can be designed for your home that gives you an unlimited supply of hot water, even during periods of peak demand.  And, with no storage tank needed to constantly keep the water heated, you’ll save money on your energy bill.  Instead, water is heated “on demand” as it passes through the system’s heat exchanger only when and for as long as hot water is being called for.

At Eagle Service Company, we have the right water heater solution for your home and your growing hot water needs.  And while we might not be able to get you in and out of the shower any quicker, we can make sure there’s plenty of hot water waiting for you when your turn finally comes around.