Preparing for Spring in Homewood and Trussville

Some people can’t wait to get to their spring chores, including lawn care, gardening, setting up the patio furniture, and more.  For other people, it’s more like “another chore, different season.”

Well, whether you’re exuberant to get back at it, reluctant, or somewhere in between, you can make things a lot easier on yourself with a little simple preparation:

  • Inspect and clean all your screens.  The last thing you need are gaping holes for insects when the time comes to open the windows to let the fresh air in.
  • Flush and repair or replace your garden hoses, especially if you left them outdoors all winter.  A leaking garden hose will significantly reduce your water pressure at best, and prove to be a giant waste of otherwise good water at the extreme.
  • Inspect the caulking and weather stripping around windows and doors.  Even small air leaks can needlessly inflate your AC cooling costs this summer and, once again, allow bugs to enter your home at will.
  • Take inventory of your lawn and garden tools.  Did you loan your pruning shears to your next door neighbor?  Is your weed whacker out of string?  Could your lawn mower benefit from a tune-up?  Better to take care of everything now so you have all your tools lined up in advance.
  • Check the shrubbery around your AC condensing unit.  If bushes, plants or grass have been steadily encroaching on the space reserved condensing unit, better to prune it back now before it has a chance to inhibit the effectiveness of your AC system.

Speaking of your AC system, when was the last time you had it professionally cleaned and inspected?  If it’s been a year or longer, now’s the perfect time to contact Eagle Service Company.  Our preventative maintenance service will help your system run better, last longer, keep your utility costs in check, and give you added peace of mind well in advance of the hot and steamy Alabama summer just around the corner.