“How Can I Tell if I Have a Clogged Sewer?”

blogEver hear this saying: “It’s a dirty business, but someone has to do it!”  Well, we’re not sure, but would it surprise anyone if it was coined by a sewer cleaner of yore?  No, probably not.

Still, how would you even know if you had a problem with an underground sewer line, short of digging up your yard until you found something worth reacting to?  Actually, there are several symptoms that indicate you might just have a problem down below, including these:

Multiple Fixtures Are Clogged – When more than one sink, tub, or toilet back up at the same time, odds that’s been caused by a clogged sewer.  To test that theory, pour some water down your shower or tub drain.  If it doesn’t drain, it’s time to call your plumber.

Strange Reactions – If the simple act of flushing the toilet causes water to back up from your tub or shower, you have another clear indication of a sewer clog.  Or, let’s say your toilet bowl water that starts to bubble, and apparently for no reason.  To see if there is a reason for such a strange turn of events, run some water in the sink closest to the toilet for a minute or so.  If the water bubbles or rises, you pretty much have confirmation of a clogged sewer.

How Damp It Is – A damp spot on your lawn is another dead giveaway of a clogged sewer problem, especially when the rest of the lawn is bone dry.

Noticing any of these symptoms is all the reason you need to contact Eagle Service Company, your Mountain Brook and Hoover professional drain cleaners. With our video drain inspection cameras, for example, we can spot the exact location and extent of the problem.  That, in turn, saves times and expense in implementing the right solution:  either clearing, repairing, or replacing the problem drain.

Whatever the job requires, you can count on Eagle Service Company for prompt scheduling, and dependable results.


How to Prevent Clogged Drain Problems in Homewood and Trussville

Clogged drain problems have a way of sneaking up on you.

If they were human, you could almost say have a knack for giving you a false sense of security, making you thing “anything goes.”  But after tossing anything and everything down a drain or toilet long enough, wham, the drain comes back, literally, with a vengeance, serving as vivid reminder that only certain things are meant to be flushed or rinsed down them.

Of course, not everyone in your home learns their lessons at the same time, so no matter how careful you might be, that doesn’t mean that everyone else is following the same play book.grease

And while you can’t control what everyone else does in the moment, guests included, you can expect and act as if mistakes are going to happen.  Once you accept that inevitability, here are some drain self-care tips that might just prevent you from having to call a professional drain cleaning service for assistance:

  • Never use a toilet as an ashtray or garbage bin – there are only certain things meant to be flushed, and you already know what they are
  • Get drain screens for your bathroom sink and tub drains – that way, hair, soap scum, and other icky substances have less of a chance of causing a significant blockage
  • Be careful what you place in your garbage disposal – it’s not a big fan of fibrous foods, for example, and can easily jam up drying to grind them up
  • FOG is no good for your kitchen sink drain, with FOG standing for “fats, oils and grease” – if you do pour any down your drain, thoroughly rinse the sink or garbage disposal with cold water for a full sixty seconds afterward to prevent them from sticking to the inside of your pipes
  • Once a month, pour a cup of baking soda into your sink drains, followed by a cup of white vinegar – let that concoction sit and foam for a half hour, and then thoroughly rinse your drains with hot water

Still, and even by practicing all the caution you can muster, clogged sewers and drains are pretty close to a fact of life.  And if one, in fact, should sneak up on you that you simply can’t budge on your own, have no worries:  just contact Eagle Service Company and we’ll take care of the problem for you.  Quickly, reliable, and with your satisfaction guaranteed.