The Benefits of a Variable Speed AC System

Okay, so you’re thinking about replacing your AC system and are in the process of coming up with a wish list to discuss with your chosen HVAC company. The problem is, you’ve been at this for a while and you’re still staring at a blank sheet of paper of computer screen.

We get it.  An AC system is something you buy roughly once every 15 years, so how do you know what you want when you’re not even sure what’s available? All the more reason to hire the RIGHT heating and cooling company, but we’ll get back to that in a bit.

For now, we’d like to steer in you in one particular direction, and that’s to be sure to insist on a variable speed replacement system. Think about your current system for just a minute.  What’s one thing you hate about it?  Well, if you’re like most people, you hate that your house can be overly warm one minute when all of a sudden the AC system comes back to life and starts pumping out fresh amounts of cool air.  Even more annoying is that the process repeats itself numerous times during the day.

Well, that’s exactly what a variable speed system puts an end to.  That’s because once it’s on, it stays on until you manually shut it off.  But instead of running at one constant speed like your current system, the speed varies to deliver just the right amount of cool air to reach and maintain your thermostat temperature setting.

Here’s why that’s better for you:

  • More energy efficient. Even though the system air handler (the indoor component) is constantly running, most of the time it’s doing so at a low level. That conserves energy by preventing the system from having to constantly turn itself on and off.
  • Less noise. You can’t help but hear an AC system when it turns itself back on.  But without the frequent on and off again action, your variable speed replacement system will just go quietly about its business, all day and night long.
  • Improved air quality. With the fan running non-stop, air constantly running through your system’s air filter and dehumidifier to keep you comfortable and breathing cleaner, less humid air.
  • Improved comfort control. Constant fan operation allows your system to maintain ideal temperatures throughout the day minus the big fluctuations you’re probably now experiencing.

Here at Eagle Service Company, we want each customer to enjoy the very best in affordable indoor comfort, and you can count on exactly that. Contact us today for a free in-home comfort analysis and new system proposal.