The Latest in Home Bathroom Accessories

We all can use – and totally appreciate – a little luxury in our lives, even if it’s only once in a while. For you, maybe luxury means a snazzy car with all the bells and whistles, an all-inclusive island resort vacation, or a $500 bottle of wine at your favorite restaurant.  Or perhaps you prefer simpler luxuries – those you can more readily afford and enjoy every day in the comfort of your own home.

If you’re leaning toward simpler, then lean in a little closer and check out these five very cool bathroom accessories for your home.

  1. blogDesigner shower drain cover – Style doesn’t have to go down the shower drain. From artsy patterns to sleek, linear drains, and even discreet tile-ready options, today’s drainage solutions are anything but boring.
  1. Radiant heat flooring – Starting off your day by stepping on a cold tile floor is anything but luxurious. So change all that by warming up your floor with a built-in radiant heating system. And because warm air rises, a warm floor also means a warm room, saving you money on heating costs.
  1. Programmable shower – Imagine getting just the right water temperature, water pressure, and even shower head height at the touch of a button. Better yet, why bother imagining when you can get all that with a programmable shower for a totally personalized shower experience: from customized water stream to your own personal music selections.
  1. Walk-in bathtub – You don’t have to be a senior citizen or otherwise need assistance in the bathroom to enjoy the luxury of a walk-in tub. First, it’s a safer alternative than standard bathtubs because of the very low threshold you simply step over with no worries of losing your balance.  Plus, walk-in tubs come with a built-in bench seat enabling you to sit up higher and still immerse yourself in the soothing warmth of a bath.
  1. Hand Dryer Faucet – Say goodbye to dingy hand towels with a sleek hand dryer faucet. It will wash your hands, and then dry them with a blast of air, reducing waste, laundry, and the spread of bacteria.

Hmm, now let’s see:  what do all these bathroom accessories have in common?  Of course:  they can all be purchased from and installed by Eagle Service Company.  Call now, and discover even more ways we can turn your bathroom from the ordinary into the extraordinary.