The Multiple Uses of Liquid Dish Soap

It’s always great when a household product works the way it’s supposed to. It’s even better, though, when it goes above and beyond the call of duty by making itself useful in ways you’ve never even considered. Well, such a product exists, all right, and we’re betting you have at least one bottle of it right now sitting under your kitchen sink or on the counter. And that would every day, ordinary liquid dish soap.

Yes, you read that right. That bottle of liquid gold – or blue or green, depending on the brand you use – can handle a variety of household and personal tasks. Here are just 8 of them to get you started.


  1. Ants, roaches, and flees don’t stand a chance. Simply add a teaspoon of dish soap to a spray bottle filled with water, shake the mixture until it’s thoroughly blended, and spray it directly on the creepy crawlies – or on upholstery if you find yourself battling fleas.
  1. Make your own bubbles! Add 1 cup of water, 2 tablespoons of glycerin, 4 tablespoons of dish soap, and a couple drops of food coloring (optional) in a well-sealed plastic container, and let your kids have some fun.
  1. Remove brake dust from the wheels of your car with a solution of warm water and dish soap. Give your wheels a little scrub and they should sparkle like new.
  1. Make your own ice packs by filling a freezer bag with dish soap and freezing it overnight. It stays frozen longer than water, and you can refreeze it.
  1. Help speed up the healing process if you get poison ivy. Wash the affected area with dish soap to remove the oils from the blisters that cause poison ivy to spread on your skin.
  1. Help your manicure last longer by soaking your fingers in a bowl of warm water with a couple drops of dish soap added for good measure.
  1. Fill your bathroom sink with warm water, add a tablespoon of non-abrasive dish soap, and wash your delicates in the mixture. No need for pricey detergents.
  1. Get rid of soap scum by pouring dish soap on it and letting it sit overnight. Wash it away in the morning and the soap scum should wipe right off.

How about you – do you have a creative use of your own for liquid dish soap? If so, we’d like to hear about it so we can share your successes with our customers. In the meantime, let us know – or anytime at all – if you have a plumbing or drain problem we can troubleshoot and resolve for you. You can always count on Eagle Service Company for a guaranteed upfront price, high quality workmanship, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.