What is Backflow Prevention & Testing

Backflow is a condition that enables contaminated water to enter or re-enter your drinking water supply.

More importantly, it’s a condition that needs to be prevented to protect your family’s health.  Here at Eagle Service Company, we install, repair, test, and monitor backflow prevention valves, which every Birmingham area home should have.

Contaminated water can enter your home through cross connections.  A cross connection occurs when drinking water pipes are connected to various plumbing fixtures or water-using equipment, such as a lawn sprinkler system.

What can cause a backflow event? Let’s have a look:

  • Sudden drops in municipal water pressure, like the kind that occurs when a water main breaks
  • When an existing backflow preventer breaks
  • A crack or break in an underground sewer line

When any of these conditions occur, backflow is the likely result. Worse, the contaminated water that re-enters your drinking water supply can include raw sewage, pesticides, fertilizer chemicals, soapy water from a garden hose, and so on.

One or more backflow prevention valves can prevent these potentially hazardous conditions. And yet, like any other mechanical device to ensure its reliable operation or to prompt the necessary repair measure should circumstances warrant.

For more information or to request a backflow test to determine your family’s needs, contact Eagle Service Company today.