What to Do Before You Call a Plumber!

Murphy’s law tends to tell us that if something can break, it will, and usually at the worst possible time. Plumbing issues included.

And while your natural inclination might be to call a plumber as soon as signs of trouble rear their ugly heads, not so fast! There are a few things you can first to help prevent matters from becoming worse, and the repair solution costlier. Let’s have a look:

blog1. Locate the problem

If no one in your home is using any water, but you hear the sound of running water anyway, you very well could have a problem on your hands.  If you discover, for example, that a toilet is overflowing, turn off the toilet’s water valve.  If that proves to be too difficult for any reason, your next best move is to shut off your home’s water main valve.

2. Determine the extent of the problem

Is the problem one leaky faucet or has the issue – whatever it might be – spread to multiple areas?  Also, just how extensive is the damage?  Information is knowledge, and knowing what you’re facing will help you determine what to do next, and when.  If, for example, you have a leaky faucet that wakes you up in the middle of the night and you definitely want a plumber to to fix it for you, at least you’ll know you can defer that phone call to the following morning.

3. Talk to your water company

Is your plumbing problem the result of working in progress by your local water company?  If so, you should have been notified in advance.  Just to play it safe, give them a call or visit their website for information about what they’re working on and where.

4. Do your research

Unless you have a plumber you know and trust, take some time under calmer circumstances to locate and secure the services of a local plumber in advance.  That way, you’ll know exactly who to call if and when the need arises, and which local plumbers offer 24/7 emergency repairs.

Here at Eagle Service Company, we offer everything you could want and need from a professional plumbing resource, including round-the-clock emergency repair service.  Having a problem right now?  We’re ready to take your call and do whatever is necessary to make that problem disappear.