What You Can Do with an Instant Hot Water Faucet

You know how it is when you think there’s no easier way to do something, so you just go about doing it the best way you know how?  And in the process, you may or may not feel inconvenienced, but you don’t complain about it because, again, there’s simply no other way.

Instant Hot Water Faucet

Want an example?  Okay, how about when you want a cup (not a pot) of coffee, and there’s just you at home.  So, you boil some water because that’s just how it’s done, and too bad if the process takes longer than you might like it to.  Except for one thing:  there is a better, faster way, to start enjoying that piping hot cup of Java.  And if there’s a better, faster means to do that, might there be other minor inconveniences you can solve at the same time, and through the same means?

The answer is “absolutely!” and that better, faster means is an instant hot water faucet. By having one installed in your kitchen, there will be no more waiting for water to boil – at least not for a cup of tea.  That’s because your tap will deliver 200-degree F water simply by turning it on.  It comes with its own under-sink water tank and dedicated, countertop faucet.

What else can an instant hot water faucet do for you?  Let’s imagine the possibilities together:

  • Instant preparation of all hot drinks, including coffee
  • Speeds up cooking pasta and rice, blanching vegetables, thawing frozen food, warming ice cream scoops, and more
  • Makes warming your baby’s bottles a breeze
  • Aids in removing stubborn jar lids and food stains on dishes and cutlery
  • Helps clear clogged sink drains
  • Simplifies kitchen clean up
  • Helps remove bottle labels
  • Great for blanching vegetables

You also can use your instant hot water faucet to help clean jewelry and silver, keep food hot, make the air smell better by mixing some hot water with potpourri, and for countless other uses.

Best of all, an instant hot water faucet is easy to install, highly affordable, and uses less energy than a 40 Watt light bulb.

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