Whole-House Plumbing Inspection in Birmingham & Mountain Brook, AL

blogAugust is a funny month.

There’s no Christmas or Thanksgiving. No change of seasons. We don’t celebrate the start of the New Year. And yet it’s one of the most anticipated and busiest months of the year.

For families throughout Alabama, whether we like it or not, August signals the dawn of another school year. That, in turn, triggers a whole series of actions to make sure our kids are properly clothed and outfitted for the next chapter in their education.

And if that isn’t enough to turn our lives upside down, August also heralds the start of the new college football season. (Here in Alabama, ‘nuff said on that score.)

So what does any of this have to do with a whole-house plumbing inspection? Just this: during the hazy, lazy days of summer, not only do many of us get used to a more “kicked back” way of life, but so does our plumbing. No early morning crush for showers and shaves. With fewer layers of clothes, less clothes to wash, and usually less dishes, too.

Then, wham, all of that suddenly changes when the kids go back to school. And then your plumbing fixtures and systems get a crash course on what it means to work long, hard, and often.

All of which makes right now the perfect time for a whole-house plumbing inspection from Eagle Service Company. We’ll make sure everything’s in top working order. And if there’s anything that isn’t, we’ll give you our best advice on what needs to be done.

For plumbing that works as long and hard as you do – without costly interruptions – contact Eagle today!