“Why is My Toilet Gurgling?”

blogIs your toilet attempting to communicate with you?  In its own way, it’s very capable of that, especially when it starts making gurgling or burping noises.  And in those moments, what exactly is it trying to tell you?  That something is CAUSING it to make that sound, “So could you please check it out and make it stop?!”

Toilet Gurgling has Two Main Causes.

All plumbing and drain lines need the right amount of air to create the suction necessary to fully drain water.  Suction comes from vents that are installed throughout your house – most of them hidden in walls or under floors – that eventually lead to one or two main vents you can see either on your roof or the side of your house.

Should your toilet start to gurgle, it’s either because there’s a clog inside a sewer or drain line or your outdoor vents are clogged with leaves or other accumulated debris.

The Cure for Gurgling Toilets.

Hear a gurgle?  Then grab a plunger and/or a snake and see if you can “get to the bottom” of the problem on your own.  If that doesn’t work, and you’re the handy and adventurous type, then climb up on your roof and attempt the following:

  • Use a flashlight to see if there’s a clog, and how far down it goes.
  • If it’s not too far down, use a stick or garden stake and try to move it to the side so air can escape.
  • You also can snake the vent pipe if you suspect the clog is further down than your stick or rake handle will reach.
  • If you’re still having no luck, grab your garden hose and, using the high pressure setting, blast water into the vent to break up the clog. If you’re successful, you’ll hear a whooshing sound that indicates the clog has been broken up and air is once again mixing with water.

Above all, please don’t try doing any of this on your roof without taking all safety precautions, including having someone reliable on the ground to assist you.


Self-Help Measures Not Working?  Just Call Eagle!

At Eagle Service Company, there’s no blocked toilet or vent problem too difficult for us to handle.  In the process, we’ll turn that gurgle into the sound of smooth flushing water – the sound of “all’s well” with your drains again.  For prompt scheduling and your 100% satisfaction guaranteed, contact us today.